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Then from 1934 to 1937 a fin e old gentleman served as the caretaker.

It was his job to punch an electrica l bell button for the beginning a nd ending of each class.

The windows had no screens, but for privacy were equipped with glass louvres.

A stone structure designed by Brother Andrew Edsel, the school was located on the banks of the San Antonio River. Mary's University campus on the West End, and in 1981, 207 students graduated from St. Brother Edel journeyed by steamboat down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and joined the "Texans-to-be" in New Orleans. Today, it is incredible that the year 1936-37 showed a gross income for the School of Law of $3,949.50, including the graduation fees . , 1955, Dominican College; 1970, Dickinson School of Law; 1971, La Salle College; 1976, Creighton University; L. He was then elected associate justice of the Texas Supreme Court and took office on January 1, 1957, retiring on October 10, 1968.

Mary's opened negotiations with the board of governors of the San Antonio Bar Association to take over administration of its School of Law . Mary 's Law School opened in the fall of 1934 in the original stone building at 112 College Street. In 1967 the Law School was moved from downtown San Antonio to the St . Mary's Institute (now the University of Dayton) in Dayton, Ohio. Seventy-two semester hours, the full course of instruction, cost $360. Judge Norvell was appointed to the Fourth Court of Civil Appeals as associate justice in 1940.

He was an occasional pa tron of the juice of the grape.

On several occasions h e could not stand erect but leaned against the wall with his hand on th e button.

During the early days of the Civil War he joined the Brothers of Mary at St. Three of these, Brothers John Baptist Laignoux, Nicholas Koenig, and Xavier Mauclerc, came from France. Morrison and Wolfe, the only members still living, taught until 1940 when they were mustered into the military service as commissioned officers. Mary's School of Law was the young and charming Mary Agnes A ird, an advanced student. Fred Junker, of the Society of Mary, served as registrar. "For his outstanding achievement as a lawyer and teacher, and his contribution to the legal profession, Judge Norvell received the first St. "During his tenure as justice of the Supreme Court of Texas in Austin, both the presence and spirit of the judge remained with the School of Law."* Judge Jam es R .

Mary 's University School of Law San Antonio, Texas DEDICATION This history is dedicated to the memory of the faculty during the early years of the school's existence; to our alumni; to our present faculty, and in a very special way to my wife Betty who during the lean years shared in the struggle to build the School of Law. In 1846 Gentilz moved to San Antonio where he opened an art studio. At the request of Bishop Odin, sixteen years after the fall of the Alamo, four Brothers of the Society of Mary were sent to the new mission in San Antonio, Texas, a sleepy village of 3,000. He lived to see the day when the fledgling Law School at 112 College Street was firmly established as a leading law school that attracted students nation-wide.

As enrollments continued to increase, more room was needed. Mary's University, had urged Father Rabe, president of the University, to enlarge its educational program with a school of engineering and. At that time San Ant On IO Public School of Law, located in the old Main Avenue High School (now Fox Tech), and the Colonel John K. A school of engineering would require large financial outlays, so the idea was abandoned. Second and third-year students transferred from the San Antonio School of Law. During early 1947, after it had been u sed for various other purposes, half of the lower floor space was converted into a very simple, spartan student lounge. On April 26, 1973, the Moot Court Room was dedicated to the memory of "The Judge," on the occasion of the seventeenth annual Law Day. Raba, delivered at Memorial Services before the Supreme Court of Texas, St. He was also a civic leader, patron of the arts, lawyer, and most successful entrepreneur. His manner, as he puffed on a large Mexican cigar, was inimitable, seemingly brusque at times but never offensive.

In 1867 a two-storey, square, limestone building was erected; and in 1870, the complex fronting on the street was completed. But, refusing to give up the law school, young Zalmanzig went to see Paul Kilday, who later was to serve in the Congress of the United States. Among the first students were two women, Margaret Burke, a freshman, and Mary Agnes Aird, an advanced student. Custodian Ed Johnson then constructed three private fa culty offices in the other half. The year 1951 saw the construction by Endowment Incorporated'*' of the multistoried River Garage on the former playground of St. The old block building was demolished together wi th the connecting bridge to the second floor of the library building to make room for the River Garage parking lot. One of his greatest hallmarks was his support of legal education including both the University of Texas School of Law, his alma mater, and the St. As an adviser he was decisive, rarely missing the bull's eye.

Mary's University from 1930-1934 and the part-time Evening Division of the School of Law from 1934 through August 1937. Haddo ck Robert H o bbs Colin Kelly Kaufman A loysius A . He gave generously of his own time, constantly gathering the leaders of the profession about him to tell the St.

Mary's Academy at 112 College Street from 1926-1930, St. During these struggling and financially embarrassing days of the School of Law, he was the refreshing fountain of encouragement for greater things to come.

Further construction took place and in 1876 the oblong building near the property line of St. MARY' S UNI VERSITY SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE SCHOOL OF LAW Rev. Kilday referred the determined young man to Carl Wright Johnson who, in turn, referred him to Judge John Bickett, chairman of the board of directors of the San Antonio School of Law. Mary's University, who authorized the founding of the School of Law and provided the setting for its early growth. Mary 's University began discussions which led to the decision that St. The new school was fortunate to have most of the San Antonio School of Law professors continue as members of its faculty. Dielmann who took over in 1938 as dean after the short term of A. As a part of the replacement agreement, Endowment constructed four offices, a lounge room, and a classroom with central air conditioning in the southeast corner of the garage overlooking the popular River Walk along the San Antonio River. For many years while Judge Norvell was on the Fourth Court of Civil Appeals, Sylvan and the judge championed the Law School.


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