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These are designed to create the illusion of social experience and fluency while simultaneously giving the impression that you are a “high-status male”, thus impressing women into finding you far more fuckable than if you were to just approach them like a normal person.

Canned material became part of The Game almost from the inception, whether it was via NLP anchors and Speed Seduction to just sharing material that may or may not have worked via message boards and forum posts.

Then the reader is lead into part 2, the emotional progression model.

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What struck me initially on reading the book was that it seemed very honestly written.

Savoy does not try and ram it home that his way of seduction is the only way, more that through his years of being a ladies man, he had crafted a skill that could be used by others.

An all in one package for successful dating, Magic Bullets contains hours of materials as well as a number of free bonuses that will teach you day game, direct game and endless tips on how to have success with women from initial approach and in relationships.

If you have ever seen Nick Savoy, the author of seduction book Magic Bullets, on TV, you will notice how self assured, confident and may I dare say, likeable he is.

It ends up being an attempt to treat picking women up as though you were facing down a raid boss in World of Warcraft; follow this specific plan of attack and it’ll all work out the way you want..

At some point you’re going to hit the end of the routine and then you’re left with whatever you bring to the table on your own… You’ve been trying to borrow somebody else’s words in order to give your own a little spit and polish, but eventually you’re going to to be yourself – and if you’ve banked your entire persona on your routines, then any attraction you’ve managed to build is going to come crashing down around your ears.I’ve never had a woman suddenly decide she wanted to go to bed with me because I told her she had a c-shaped smile unlike my implied model ex-girlfriend’s u-shaped smile; it was more about creating an emotional connection, not my supposed demonstrations of value. Now I recommend having a couple of good jokes on reserve that you can pull out as needed, or having a few good stories up your sleeve – there’s a difference an oft-told story about your trip to Cambodia when you climbed to the top of Ankor Thom and met a hot Scottish backpacker only to have her carried away by her man-mountain boyfriend Now this is a subject I’ve covered before, but the popularity of the myth of the “alpha male” getting all of the sex is one worth returning to.The idea is simple, if predicated on a radical misunderstanding of evolutionary psychology and an attempt to impose (mistaken) ideas about social hierarchies amongst primates on human behavior: there are alphas and there are betas.Even as the trends in the community moved to “natural” game (that is, trying to make it look like you’re not running pick-up material), routines have been part of the backbone of the industry.Now while there’s a certain value to be found in that they help eliminate the “I don’t know what to say!From engaging her erotic cortex, where using specific words can trigger almost instant arousal through to bagging yourself a threesome, Savoy’s confidence oozes out with every word and if truth be told, I was starting to feel the unbelievable was moving far closer to believable!

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