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Last summer, however, experts at the Russian Public Opinion Research Center found that Russians are not all that interested in dating sites for the purpose of getting married.

According to the results of a survey conducted by the center, Russians do not take such services seriously.

has already started working toward securing a monopoly position and dominating the niche.

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Burin notes that, in the last eight months of 2012, there was a tenfold increase in the income from the site and the number of visitors — it started to make a profit.

It is quite possible that, in the future, will be able to develop using its own resources and will no longer need to seek outside investment.

The service uses a psychological test developed by Russian psychologists, as well as a mathematical algorithm to select compatible couples who have the potential to develop strong and harmonious relationships.

is a leader in the segment for online dating aimed at serious relationships.

Unlike other dating sites, provides a niche service for people who are looking for a serious relationship and are willing to pay money to have potential partners selected on the basis of a psychological test.

It was not all their idea, admits CEO Andrei Burin. By the time was launched in 2010, the American site was boasting that, in the past year, it had introduced five percent of all married couples in the United States and Australia.The chief matchmaker on the Russian Internet Experts believe that the “serious relationships” segment of the Russian online dating market remains relatively free: there is no clear leader, so there is scope for developing the business.Fast Lane Ventures explained it like this: the reason why they invested in is that, as a company, they believe the “serious dating” niche, which is just beginning to build up popularity, is extremely promising.“In principle, we’re not ruling out new ways of generating income.The main thing is that they mustn’t cut across our vision for as a service to help people find their other half,” says Burin.More and more of today’s love stories start with people making contact on the Internet starts with the following: “I was going to bed at two o’clock in the morning and frequently visiting the site to check whether Dima had sent me a reply or not.


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  2. Online dating has grown in popularity to the point where there is almost no social stigma attached to it.

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