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How to save your Relationship Relationships are not perfect and this is proven time and time again when couples go through troubled periods.

Never feel the need to jump right back into things and never neglect your own independence and other priorities.

If you make the healthy changes needed and stick to them, your relationship will not only be saved, but will also improve into a better and more loving relationship.

Besides proper communication, fragility is also important.

Since your relationship is going through a rough and sensitive time, it is essential to treat it with fragileness and patience so you do not worsen the situation.

The truth is, all relationships will face disappointing and unexpected matters and there is nothing you can do to change it, but there are ways to properly deal with those matters without having to lose your relationship.

If you need advice or help just choose an advisor and ask for relationship advice.Everyone wants to get the problem over with and rush to the make up session, but by rushing to the making up, you will only leave space for the same issue to come back later. If you and your partner are both willing and agree that you want to save your relationship, then there is no need to speedup the process because none of you is going anywhere.Give each other space as well, so that you both will have the time to think things through on your own without having constant pressure put on you.Showing her that you’re worthy of her love, fanning the flames of attraction, supporting her, and building solid communication with her can help her fall (and stay) in love with you.As in life, there are no guarantees in love, but these hints should help give you some ideas to begin winning her heart.Both you and your partner have to cooperate by listening to each other's perspective of why the problem exists in the first place.


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