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In March 1942 some 1,000 Jews were arrested and sent to the Compiègne detention camp, from where they were deported to Auschwitz.

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At the initiative of Pierre Laval, the Prime Minister of the Vichy regime, most of the Jewish children were deported to the East together with their parents.

The arrests and deportations were conducted in a very violent manner, often enforcing the separation of couples, parents and children, and brothers and sisters.

(The clip starts at ) EJmb K0k Cities are razed as Mother Nature unleashes all her force on human civilization as global warming has led to this sudden apex of annihilation in The Day After Tomorrow. The movie gained international attention as it was nominated for Best Foreign-Language Film at the Oscars. The Spike TV “college sitcom” used John Abbott College to stand in as the exterior of an American university in the show, shot in the the Olympic Stadium, and filmed the interior scenes at Mel’s studio. Leo plays the legendary aviator Howard Hughes in The Aviator, which was filmed partly in Montreal and Saint-Hubert, Quebec.

Dustin Hoffman and Paul Giamatti is always a winning combo. A classic crime movie starring Gene Hackman and Danny De Vito.

This creepy, mystery thriller of an adopted nine-year old girl was filmed at Cité du Cinéma as well as locations in Toronto and Port Hope, Ontario. The Heist filmed in Montreal, Pointe Claire, and Sainte-Anne de Bellevue.

This has recently gotten a lot of hype, partly because it’s the second-most expensive movie every produced by 20th Century Fox.

The cool part is that, although the movie takes place in Washington, D. According to The Observer’s review of the movie, the film is utterly boring and features some “rapey” jokes that they clearly don’t appreciate.

Pretty much the movie’s only redeeming quality is that it was filmed in Montreal.

Notice the Olympic Stadium in the background of the pic.


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