Dating instructors

I have been very angry since finding out that my experience with this person was part of a pattern of behavior, and that I was lied to.

It's left alot of others (former students)feeling angry and powerless.

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We are talking about a 4th dan getting involved with or making passes at several 5th and 6th kyu students.

He has no women students above that rank because they all leave.

If the sensei is finding all his/her dates in the dojo it's probably not a healthy place. There are absolutely other dojos like this and it is also an aberration at least in so much as it's an aberration of the human condition.

Originally posted by Anonanon I really hope this is an aberrant situation and that there are no other dojos like this, that's why I am asking. In other words, if it can happen at work, in a church, or at the Lion's Club meeting it can happen in a dojo.

If the sensei wants to risk dojo harmony then they pretty much get to do that, assuming they own the dojo.

If you don't like it, vote with your feet and go somewhere else, which, is a suggestion I would endorse.

If you have indeed moved on, then don't worry about who he is interested in/living with,pending children, or what he thinks about your past relationship.

If you are still tied to him, then perhaps that is a place for you to work on as well.

Do what I was told to do immediately and to the best of my ability. I've seen couples come to the dojo and start training together.

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