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The War brought many European and American Jews to the City.Some came as GI’s and a few married Calcutta Jewish women who left as war brides.

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When India gained its independence they were unsure of what their future would be in an Indian India.

Some of the wealthy in the community were not sure about their economic futures as India talked about Socialism and nationalization of many enterprises.

" Talking about the benefits of the app, the actor further added, "We encourage you to make connections with people you do not know and connect with them.

You post your message on the app platform and if it clicks, it works for you.

Bollywood actor Zayed Khan was in Kolkata to promote his new dating app Im Knot Shy amidst much fanfare at My Nail/ Think Inked Shop, Acropolis Mall.

The dating app allows people to connect with each other in near vicinity and hang out if they find one another to be attractive and compatible.

Besides just being an ice breaker, what this app also does is help you give gifts to your beloved as well!

Tomorrow the world is going to be about instantaneous gratification.

"The whole idea behind creating an app is to service society.

It is something society can use in trying to overcome certain basic flaws it has.

We don't muster up the courage and go up and tell the other person our true feelings.

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