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I have long been rubbed the wrong way by the way Kupat Ha’ir, a tzedaka organization in Israel, promotes itself.

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You know, “JM” from Bnei Brak donated $40 and her tumor disappeared, that sort of thing. This is nothing but an attempt to prey on people’s fear, ignorance, and hope, to tap into the most primitive aspects of the human psyche.

Of course we are supposed to believe that all these predictable, wondrous stories are 100 percent true.

Even more troubling is the marketing devices this organization employs to sway people to send in money.

It goes beyond the usual vapid yet melodramatic endorsements that normally accompany these types of advertisements.

All I can say is you are corageous to write such an article. To out and out condemn the work of the gidolei hador is complete and utter chutzpa. If that's the type of ppl you want to associate yourself with, please go ahead. These ppl are dishonest, liars, fakers, frauds and everything in between, as was evident from the Lipa fiasco.

Very well written, this has been an issue that I discuss when I'm with friends and family and this has been bothering me for years. One significant incentive (enticement) that the author [of article] failed to enumerate is; graphically showing the "Grab-Bag" of goodies that is awaiting the [big] donor! His muusic is in part responsible for the decline in warmth to yiddishkeit as well as for the degradation of YIDDISHE music. These great Rabbanim have been m'vater on there kavod because of the great need for Tzedaka. Don't seem like it because if you did you would know that they get very disturbed when they find out that their names have been associated with dishonest conduct.

Today, anyone who has any ideas about producing a product for sale in the Jewish community knows that there is nothing more important than garnering a murderer’s row of rabbinic endorsements, even if all he’s selling is a pot holder.

When rabbis are reduced to mere marketing devices, then something is wrong with the rabbinic establishment and our relationship to it.

You can’t prove it’s not true, and it just MIGHT have something to it, so why not give? Were it for this alone I would not have singled them out for this article.

However, they recently put out a publication that is so full of downright frightening social implications, so full of messages that contradict Torah values and common sense itself that I must question the very credibility of this organization and the leaders who are associated with it, however prominent and popular they may be. He is not an accepted authority by any rabbonim, and has criticized the establishment many times.

We are also supposed to be motivated to give tzedaka nowadays because we need money, a shidduch, or a cure (which is acceptable but certainly not laudatory or ideal).


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