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This has changed in the major tourist places, and especially for tourists, but you can run into this phenomenon in villages of Crete and Greece.Paying cash When the Greeks go out for dinner, they always pay cash. And they have always got money enough to pay the bill for their company too.

The white trees The fact that the trunks of the trees are often painted white (limewash) in Crete and Greece is primarily to fight the ants. The rosary or worry beads The rosary that most of the Greek men are holding in their hands, sitting outside the kafeneion (cafe in Greece), has no religious meaning, but is only a way of killing time.

Try and buy one, it's actually much more difficult to swing it than it looks like.

Not being able to pay, would be humiliating beyond belief.

Getting a house loan Unfinished buildings is a common sight in Greece.

The following is a collection of personal experiences, in combination with a book review of a Danish book called "Graeske maend og andre mennesker" (Greek men and other humans) by Lone Spanheimer, ISBN 87-614-0112-9.

As far as we know, the book hasn't yet been translated.

The reason is that greek people build what they need today and leave the rest of the building unfinished for the future.

It may seem that the Greeks are constantly building houses - and they are.

So you see,….it's mainly a problem for the tourist!


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