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In fact, a woman had to be a virgin to be married to her husband or she was considered a whore. Once that occurs, paper marriage or no paper marriage, you are divorced, according to the bible. After that, I'm going to soothe the nerves and soften the attitudes of all women over the age of 40 with my not-so-nice orchestrations of male charisma and suaveness. We are speaking of any women age 40 to 65, aren't we, or is it just about widowed secretaries, lawyers, and teachers??BTWSkul I jog, en gal di mit du sender, und auch, was sich liebt, das necht sich.

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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

and if you can figure this out, you're a whole lot smarter than you thought you were.

Loren, aus dem Schwartzen Wald Salaene I am in complete agreement with your choices. As a Christian, you felt bound by vow to remain with your husband, but HE was not a Christian, because of his actions. A legal marriage allows you to marry and divorce without reason or fear to divorce if you wish to. This type of "marriage" allows you to "divorce" or leave your man. Because you never were married in the eyes of God to start with.

For those God-fearing Christians out there, stay with your belief.

To others like myself, here's what I have to say; I have been seperated for less than a month. The reason why I'm seperated is because were from 2 different countries and are unable to live in eachothers country's. So if you were to ask me if theres a chance of getting back together, I would say no.He beat me, humuliated me and raped me until I had him arrested. I stayed with him for years because I thought God didn't want me to leave.Left the church because I thought God didn't want me to leave.After years of pain, I feel totally free to love again. Don't worry, there are reasonable people out there who won't judge you or consider you a "socio-path" for your choice. In the case of actual adultery, the pair is no longer considered married, as adultery ceases the marriage to exist, according to the bible, hence, why a woman can divorce, or "leave her husband".It's best to ignore those who would call you names, just because you are fleeing an abusive marriage.... Even in those days a marriage had a piece of paper that distinguished it from a paperless marriage, or what was commonly known as an 'adulteress affair', back in those days. And of course, many stray outside the realms of the matrimonial bed. I'm going back to my IF transformers and can-style condensors. I plan to do it with my left-over parts from glass electrolitic capacitors ranging in the 600v 750ma range, bacause the batteries for my pace-maker and my auto- female thrillah' have all worn out.. I just hope that they can manage to keep their hot little panties on, with all that energy floating around.Then one day God let me know I didn't have to stay on His account.

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