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It was first introduced in 1964 and discontinued in 1982.The Vibro Champ featured built-in tremolo with controls for speed and intensity.Five watts and the simple toneful circuit allowed the Champ to be used easily and often in recording studios. Front" style cabinet; the 800 was covered in greenish fabric while the 600 featured two-tone blonde and brown vinyl covering.

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An optional two-button footswitch allowed for gain switching and reverb on/off. The cabinet was finished in black Tolex, with a black control panel and silver grille cloth.

A more expensive version was available, factory-fitted with a Fender-branded EV Force 10 speaker instead of the usual Fender Blue Label. It was discontinued in 1983, along with the Bassman 20 (with which it shared the same metal chassis design), three years before the rest of the range, perhaps because its dearth of features was unfashionable at the time.

The effect of the volume, gain and tone control knobs varies according to the selected amp model.

The digitally modelled signal is fed into a class-A single-ended tube circuit, with a 12AX7 output tube driver, and a 6V6 output tube.

Fender also renamed the circuit the "5C1", "5" standing for the decade (1950s), "C" for the third circuit revision, and "1" was the Champ's circuit designation.

The 5C1 circuit was extraordinarily simple, using one 6SJ7 pentode in the preamplifier section to provide a single stage of voltage amplification, one 6V6 beam power tetrode in the power amplifier section, a 5Y3 rectifier tube and a single volume knob with no tone controls.

It had the same colour scheme, power supply, output stage and stock speaker as the Super Champ but the preamp and phase inverter consisted of two 12AX7 tubes.

In 2007, Fender resurrected the Super Champ name with the Super Champ XD, part of their "Vintage Modified" series. Although for a limited period of time a special edition Blonde version was produced, Fender’s Consumer Relations Department states that the blonde special edition Super Champ XD with oxblood grill was a FSR (factory special run) that was limited to only 1,000 produced.

The blonde version is no longer available new and Fender has completed the amps' production run so no more will be produced or available from Fender.

Unlike the Champion 600 (all tube circuitry), the Super Champ XD (like the Vibro Champ XD) is a hybrid (tube circuitry complemented with digital modeling and effects).

A small number of the last 5F1 style cabinets were covered with the "Blackface" amp cosmetics around this transition, as the factory most likely ran out of the tweed cloth covering. Fender brought back the blackface cosmetics for a short time in 1981 before discontinuing the Champ the following year. Cosmetically similar to the original Champion 600, internally it features a modified blackface Champ circuit (with the settings of the tone stack being hard-wired rather than adjustable via Treble and Bass controls, and a couple of additional resistors reducing input-stage gain) and a switch to solid-state rectification from the original 5Y3 tube.


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