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(Maybe a little alcohol to loosen participants up afterward.) Making money by selling tickets to weed daters as well as some volunteer labor sounds like a dream come true, but don’t get so excited just yet.

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Hopefully, it would carry over to sales and attendance at other events in the future.

“To some extent the free weeding was helpful, but we could have done it more quickly ourselves,” she says.

“I usually think those kinds of things are stupid but I’d just moved to the area a couple of months ago,” he says.

Though he was on the fence about attending, he was ultimately happy that his friends pushed him to go.

Alabama’s 1818 Farms held a weed dating event in March 2014 that was ultimately successful — even if there were more women than men.

“Men are a little more nervous about it than woman,” says owner Natasha Mc Crary.

“The best thing about it is that because it’s something different, you meet different kinds of people,” says Mc Guire.

At the event he attended, ages ranged from twenty-one to seventy.

Depending on the attendance and weeding logistics (and whether the weed dating event is romantic or platonic), many hosts have weeders work in small groups that are broken up and reformed until everyone has met each other.


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