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For decades, scientists have been trying to figure out how the device's 80 fragmented pieces fit together and unlock its workings.

Previous reconstructions suggested the Antikythera Mechanism was about the size of a shoebox, with dials on the outside and a complex assembly of bronze gear wheels within.

With Nadja's past fixed within his own memory and consciousness, the narrator is awakened to the impenetrability of reality and perceives a particularly ghostly residue peeking from under its thin veil.

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The back dials, meanwhile, appear to have been used for predicting solar and lunar eclipses.

The researchers also show that the device could mechanically replicate the irregular motions of the moon, caused by its elliptical orbit around Earth, using a clever design involving two superimposed gear-wheels, one slightly off-center, that are connected by a pin-and-slot device.

The team's findings will be presented in a two-day international conference in Athens and published in Thursday's issue of Nature.

Nadja (1928), the second book published by André Breton, is one of the iconic works of the French surrealist movement. " It is based on Breton's actual interactions with a young woman, Nadja (actually Léona Camile Ghislaine Delacourt 1902–1941), over the course of ten days, and is presumed to be a semi-autobiographical description of his relationship with a mad patient of Pierre Janet.

The international team, led by Edmunds and Tony Freeth, also of Cardiff University, included astronomers, mathematicians, computer experts, script analysts and conservation experts from Britain, Greece and the United States.

The researchers plan to create a computer model of how the Antikythera Mechanism worked and eventually a working replica.In terms of historical and scarcity value, I have to regard this mechanism as being more valuable than the Mona Lisa." The researchers used three-dimensional X-ray scanners to reconstruct the workings of the device's gears, and high-resolution surface imaging to enhance faded inscriptions on its surface.Precise astronomy The new analysis reveals that the device's front dials had pointers for the sun and moon — called the "golden little sphere" and "little sphere," respectively — and markings which coincided with the zodiac and solar calendars."This device is just extraordinary, the only thing of its kind," said study leader Mike Edmunds of Cardiff University in Wales."The design is beautiful, the astronomy is exactly right …Scientists have finally demystified the incredible workings of a 2,100-year-old astronomical calculator built by ancient Greeks.


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