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That is, until a few years ago when I began having recurring dreams of him and felt the strong need to try and find him. He isn't far from where I first met him, and he is also married with a little son as well.

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My wife had an affair a few years ago and had really deep feelings for this man. Something happened; I think his wife was getting too close and he broke it off.

My wife told me a couple of times he was very well endowed and I find myself thinking about him.

We never made a serious relationship out of our friendship.

I was attracted to him, and I eventually found out he felt the same way.

I still do love him deeply, but I don't think we will ever be together. We also both love our spouses and children and don't want them to be affected in any way by our love for each other.

This is a forbidden love that we will die keeping a secret.

On the night in question, I had phoned her mobile and there was no reply.

She said she went to her mates house, had a few drinks, and then they went downtown to the bars.

We only kissed and talked about our futures, but never solidified anything between us.


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