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Steve Spurrier went from South Carolina’s savior to self-fired retiree.Here now is my ranking of the sport’s Top 20 coaches heading into the 2016 season.

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They’ve since gone to four straight under Cutcliffe and in 2013 won 10 games and a division title.

Before that, he delivered Ole Miss its most recent 10-win season (in 2003) prior to last year’s.

The fact the Huskies, 7-6 in 2015, enter the season a Top 20 team is due largely to voters’ respect for Petersen.

The 76-year-old is second to none when it comes to miraculous program resurrections.

This despite a seemingly endless set of unforeseen obstacles, from key players’ academic suspensions to crushing injuries the past two seasons.

Just when Sooners fans were about to revolt following a miserable 2014, Big Game Bob showed he’s still got it by overhauling his staff and reaching the playoff last year.Instead, he’s gone 54-14 in five seasons, won three Pac-12 titles in four years and put an innovative spin on his Bill Walsh-influenced pro-style offense.Fisher gets overlooked mainly because it’s impossible to overachieve at talent-rich FSU, but he’s still the one landing the recruits and churning out NFL prospects. 5 on this list after leading the Wolverines to a five-win improvement in his first year on the job.More recently, K-State has dropped off a bit since its 2012 Fiesta Bowl season, going 23-16, but it would be foolish to count out the Wildcats as long as Snyder’s still there.Kelly has managed to do what his past three successors could not and achieve sustained success with the Irish.It marked Stoops’ ninth Big 12 title in 17 seasons and fifth BCS title game/CFP appearance.


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