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Karen came here from Canada when her husband was offered a job in the senior division of a famous multinational.

But something has flickered in Sheikh Mohammed's smile.

The ubiquitous cranes have paused on the skyline, as if stuck in time.

There are countless buildings half-finished, seemingly abandoned.

In the swankiest new constructions – like the vast Atlantis hotel, a giant pink castle built in 1,000 days for $1.5bn on its own artificial island – where rainwater is leaking from the ceilings and the tiles are falling off the roof.

No doubt that Jackie and Sid hit it off quite well on screen as well as off screen, but it did cause all these rumours for them. A source says, “Sidharth and Jackie are just normal friends, they are not even best friends. His breakup with Alia is because of the actress’ philandering nature.

Also, Jackie is dating someone else.” The source said that Jackie was dating a Mumbai based restaurateur some time back.

Once the manic burst of building has stopped and the whirlwind has slowed, the secrets of Dubai are slowly seeping out.

This is a city built from nothing in just a few wild decades on credit and ecocide, suppression and slavery. Every time she starts to tell her story, she puts her head down and crumples.

Dubai is a living metal metaphor for the neo-liberal globalised world that may be crashing – at last – into history. She is slim and angular and has the faded radiance of the once-rich, even though her clothes are as creased as her forehead.

I find her in the car park of one of Dubai's finest international hotels, where she is living, in her Range Rover.

For quite some time there were rumours doing the round that Jacqueline Fernandez and Sidharth Malhotra were dating.


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