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So, you've met a great guy, but after a few dates you begin to realize he's not like the other guys you've been dating.As a scientist and closet nerd myself, I've known my share of nerdy men.And, we got to play as Vincent Valentine, which was always a bonus.

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Dating band geek dating in wales romance

The game mixed shooting with RPG elements to create a mash-up of the genres.

It didn't please many fans, who disliked the action approach, but this is a shame as the game, although not a masterpiece, was actually pretty good, and featured some nice mechanics and enjoyable battles.

"In the wide world of dating, there are many options," says the anonymous geek lover.

"Do you go for the flashy guy with the smooth smile, or the dude in the corner typing away on his laptop?

, and many, many more made the second generation of Sony's platform the go-to place for gamers, but for every classic there were several turkeys, as well as some genuinely great titles that missed out on the love.

These hidden gems may have their own cult following, or have now been recognised as the classics they are years after their initial release, but at the time they simply failed to make an impact, either critically or commercially. wasn't underappreciated in the classic sense of the word.

The modular weapon you carried could be fully customised, and various environmental puzzles were put into play.

Alongside this, ammo was very scarce, and so running from combat was often advisable, and Dennis, the protagonist, could be come infected with enough exposure to enemies.

Sure, the violence and grimy, gruesome aesthetic made it stand out, and grabbed all of the headlines, something Rockstar most certainly went for, but the game itself was great, and it's a shame many people may have missed out on this due to the less tasteful elements of the piece.

was a prequel of sorts to the events of the movie, depicting the origins of the titular street gang and looking at each larger-than-life character in more detail.

The journey to that fateful meeting with Riffs leader, Cyrus, was handled by a brawler-style mechanic seeing you take on the gang's various rivals in hand-to-hand combat.

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