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At least then you have over 10 yrs to be a "ADULT" and out of your parents house. MARRIAGE is a gift and option its not something we have to do. Sometimes its best to keep things quiet especially in their lifestyles. Lv, Gucci, Prada, Coach, Chanel Women sandal is $30 DG, JUICY, Lv, Gucci, Coach Hand-bag price is $35 Polo, Locaste, Levis, Ed Hardy, Bape, Christan Audigier AF, COOGI Tshirt price is $12 Jeans price is $30 Paypal accept, Door to Door services! Now yes, there are a lot of woman single of all colors, but black woman have the highest percentage of single women.

5 days arrive your home or you ur friends’ adress by EMS, DHL, UPs click my link under here! So maybe that's why Nelly addressed black women, not to mention he may prefer black women over any other race.

I also want to agree with someone posted on the board about no unity with the african americans. It got so bad i had to switch to the night shift just to get away from them. Black women have no self esteem, even the successful ones. If I could see Anonymous, whose grandmother told her "KNOW WHO YOU ARE", I would give her and grandmother a hi five.

Sometimes we women settle for ish we know we don't like and just lose our selves to some buster azz nicca, that don't even deserve our love.

We live in a world that is different from the 50's its ok to get married after 30. I have been applying everything that you said ever since I graduated college. Marriage and kids may or may not happen in my life but I'm DEFINITELY not gonna stress out if doesn't happen.

In my opionion most should get married til after 30. IF more people learn who they are and what MARRIAGE is and what it takes to have a successful marriage then that will deter cheating and a lot of divorces. Maybe Nelly and Shanti want to keep their relartionship private so the WORLD won't have their opinions about them. I think WOMEN of all cultures deal with the thing of finding the "PERFECT" man( which doesn't eist)...white, latino, middle eastern, asian, etc men would say the samew thing that Nelly is saying being that Nelly is black he is speaking about what he knows and obviously who he dats ands that's black women. ( Online Store, Get Name Brand Fashion From 12USD Now!Cheap t-shirt 15USD S to 4XL size,famous brands 3sunglass 15USD 4.Cheap shoe 28-38USD Brand Fashion With discount Prices 5.Fashion Sports shoes: Shox, Dunk, Jordan, Air max, Air force, Adidas, Puma, Prada, D&G, Chanel, Gucci, Lacoste, Louis Vuiton, Evisu, Timberland,ugg,boots, Burberry, Dior, Greedy 2.Fashion T-Shirt & Jeans & Jacket : AF, BBC, Evsiu, Juicy, GGG, Burberry, ED-Hardy, Chanel, G-Star, Red monkey, Christian Audigie,sinful,lacoste, POLO, Armani, Smet, Baby, Levis, Justcavalli, Versace, True Religion, Artful Dodger, Rock, Coogi, Crown Holder, RMC,etc. Fashion Handbags:$ LV , Prada , Chanel , D&G, Fendi , EDhardy, Burberry , MIUMIU , Gucci , Chloe , Juicy and Chole, Burse,etc. brand watches(rolex, Longines...) belt(d&g, gucci, prada, chanel, burberry.... I actually challenged myself to do that..since I thought that was something I could improve on. I am winding things down with the career and getting ready to jump that broom. I've always been focused on accomplishing my goals while most of my friends were busy having babies, getting married or caught up in drama that I never had time for.

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