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Take her for mountain climbing (if she can do it) or exploring exotic natural spots around.

In the evening you can visit any of your regular hangout places with her.

This surely can be a nice way to celebrate the 2nd month anniversary.

If you are good with arts then take her breath away by making some origami roses for her, around a dozen and stick them to a heart shaped paper board for her.

If you’re looking to spread the love, head to your local soup kitchen or another volunteering opportunity and spend your day together helping those in need.

You’ll both feel good about yourselves when you’re done. If your anniversary falls in the summer, head to a theme park and be kids for a day.

Plus, you’ll bring something home that you made together.

If you’re looking to heat up the night (literally), seek out any of the above.

A night at the theater, a museum, a dance show, the opera—find what you’re into, and splurge for a night!

Whether it’s a bar or the beach, head back to the scene where you two first met.

To lighten the mood on your anniversary, head to a comedy show to laugh.

Rather than hitting up the boring old movie theater, why not opt for a classic drive-in?

If you’re the type of couple that loves to take #selfies, what better way to celebrate your love than to hire a photographer to take stylish photos of the two of you?

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