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We discuss this with regard to the nature-nurture debate as well as phylogenetic and ontogenetic aspects of interpersonal approach behavior and its medial implementation.

There is hardly any topic that inspires more private or public interest than interpersonal erotic approach behavior.

During script execution, one’s actions and predictions of others’ reactions may be adapted and corrected in flight.

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In the first part of our paper, we use the script concept as a notion that extends across psychological and cultural science.

We argue that seduction scripts follow predictable and stable event sequences that encompass heteronormatively rigid gender roles and sexist stereotypes.

With reference to the nature-nurture debate, we discuss future scientific and societal goals for interdisciplinary seduction research in psychology and cultural science.

Conclusively, the present paper may offer a symbiotic interdisciplinary consideration of onto- and phylogenetic standards with regard to consensus in pre-sexual and sexual activities.

Hardly any subjects enjoy greater – public or private – interest than the art of flirtation and seduction.

However, interpersonal approach behavior not only paves the way for sexual interaction and reproduction, but it simultaneously integrates non-sexual psychobiological and cultural standards regarding consensus and social norms.Importantly, similar script structures may exist in both mental representations and cultural scripts, such as narratives, novels, or movies (Fludernik, 2000; Zerweck, 2002).The cultural script codes socially shared values and knowledge, providing behavioral options.This means, firstly, that mental scripts are determined by individual predispositions, e.g., emotional and cognitive capacities.Secondly, social and cultural factors play an important role in script formation.In the present paper, we use script theory, a concept that extends across psychological and cultural science, to assess behavioral options during interpersonal approaches.

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