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"I'll tell you what's even stranger -- I have 15-year-olds who are on the very verge of beginning to date, and I now find myself beginning to date," she added. The kids are doing well and they're thriving." (PR Photos) Giada De Laurentiis hasn't been quite sure how to go about finding love again after her 2015 split fashion designer Todd Thompson.

"I haven't been in that game since I was 18 years-old," the mother of one said in 2015.

The rich and famous are well known for shuffling the order of love, marriage and baby in a baby carriage, but what happens when happily ever after doesn’t work out quite the way they’d planned on?

"So it's a very different game when you're 45 with a child and a career." But when asked about dating apps and the rest of the technology that sprung up during her 12-year marriage, the chef said coyly, "I don't do any of that, and I would say that uh…it's ok that maybe I don't need to date so much because maybe I already have someone I like and I don't have to." (PR Photos) "You sort of feel like you just got out of prison," funnyman Louis C. said in 2010 after his 2008 split from longtime wife Alix Bailey, with whom he shares two children. And they give you a paper bag with a watch and a wallet in it.

And they give you eight bucks and a bus ticket and the cars are going way too fast and you can't cross the street -- and you're considering going into a motel and hanging yourself after carving your initials.

"And I know I have more tools to communicate, not just with my partner, but with myself.

That’s not necessarily any reflection of who I was married to or what was happening in my marriage, but really where I was in my life." The actress welcomed daughter Rose in 2014, a few short months before marrying Frenchman Romain Dauriac. "I hung on for as long as possible, until it was more hurtful to stay…I’m so grateful for the pain and the heartbreak.

Once you do that, you feel complete -- and that’s the only time you can truly fall in love again, and give yourself over completely to another person." The singer and husband Eric Johnson, who wed in 2014, are now parents to daughter Maxwell and son Ace.

(PR Photos) After splitting from husband Mike Comrie, Hillary Duff isn't so sure another marriage is in her future -- although a second child just might be.

I have gone down the destructive path before, and that didn't work for me," Katy Perry said in 2013 while opening up about recovering from her split with Russell Brand.

"You dig deep beyond those scars and find that soft tissue again, and you massage and nurture it and bring it to life, little by little, through serving yourself well.

If I felt strongly enough toward someone or if someone felt strongly about it, I might say OK," the star told Though her love life became infamous after divorcing once at 24 and again at 32, Kim Kardashian has never been one to get down about the future.

"I've always been the type to fall in love fast and, with every boyfriend, I plan out my wedding in my head.

"And you know, there's not a lot of women my age who're single.


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