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Sure, we men today may be taking care of our kids, our skin and our feelings more than Grandpa Ralph ever did, but we still grapple with the same core problem: proving that we weren't just born male—we've become Men.

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The premise of The Money Mirror is that many – maybe most – women are neurotic in some way about money.

The authors, a psychiatrist (Lieberman) and a professor of English (Lindner) posit that learning about a series of archetypes of women can help us recognize our own neuroses, and maybe overcome them.

Occasionally I worry because my house backs right up to the San Antonio River.

Fortunately, my yard and house are outside the boundaries considered to have a 1 percent chance […] Like everyone with a home mortgage, I have homeowner’s insurance that covers most catastrophes, although the list of covered catastrophes specifically does not include flooding.

Unemployed women, in contrast, spend twice as much time taking care of children and doing chores.

Nor do former working stiffs necessarily reconnect with their families: following alcoholics and drug addicts, they're the most likely demographic to beat their female partners.Women are poised, for the first time in history, to become the bulk of the labor force, while fewer than seven in 10 men over the age of 20 are employed at all—the lowest number since World War II, says Heather Boushey, an economist at the Center for American Progress. The worse news is that despite stories (in the New York Post, Advertising Age, and The New York Times, among other publications) that some men are embracing new roles as diaper changers and domestic engineers, the fall in workplace testosterone is unlikely to lead to a decline in the kinds of behavior usually associated with boom-time male hormones.That's because the fundamentals of American manhood have gone remarkably unchanged over the last century.But if we look behind us, male misbehavior during recessions shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, as American men have responded to layoffs with consistency through the years: seeking solace in the bottle, railing against women, walling themselves away in all-male enclaves and searching for vicarious achievement through sports and popular culture.During the first three decades of the 20th century, for instance, when thousands of men lost their jobs in a series of recessions and many more found themselves crowded by a new breed of fast-talking, cigarette-smoking gals around the office, the male reaction was typical.Charles Atlas, who opened his first training center in 1927.


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