alcohol recovery and dating - Cursoradapter not updating base tables

One of the more interesting uses that I've seen for Cursor Joiner is for determining what has changed when a method.

As you iterate the Cursor Joiner, you get a Cursor Joiner.

Result enum that indicates whether the current row exits in the left cursor, the right cursor, or both.

Defines the index of the column in the Cursor used to get a String representation of that Cursor.

The column is used to convert the Cursor to a String only when the current Cursor To String Converter is null.

Just include the literal in the projection parameter to the query: Finally, Cursor Wrapper is a Wrapper class for Cursor that delegates all of its calls to the actual cursor object.

As the documentation stated, the primary use for this class is to extend a cursor while overriding only a subset of its methods.Here is some sample code that determines what has been added to or deleted from a Content Provider as a Cursor Loader driving a Cursor Adapter is updated: Matrix Cursor is useful if you have a collection of data that is not in the database, and you want to create a cursor for it.You simply construct it with an array of column names, and optionally an initial capacity.This option is discouraged, as it results in Cursor queries being performed on the application's UI thread and thus can cause poor responsiveness or even Application Not Responding errors.As an alternative, use This constructor was deprecated in API level 11.If you have been doing Android development for even a little while, you have probably used the provided SQLite functionality to store and retrieve data in a local database on the Android device.


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