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tutorial for more information on using this control.) Out of the box, the Create User Wizard control offers a fully functional interface for creating new user accounts.You don't have to write a lick of code or declarative markup.(Granted, these property values are assigned to the tool tip of the validation controls, meaning that a user can hover her mouse over the asterisk and see a more detailed Error Message description.) Interestingly, the Create User Wizard's default interface does show a message if the password and confirmation password do not match.

For more information, see Script Exploits Overview.

This control has a textbox that accepts user input, which is a potential security threat.

Now if you want to add additional steps to the CUW, check out the Resources below.

Edit Check this post on 'Storing Additional User Information in Custom Profiles Table'.

I created a registration page and set up client-side validation with some custom validators, validating through j Query AJAX to a web service and the client-side validation works ok.

I have two issues: Please look on the following tutorials for full information about the Create User Wizard: Customizing the Create User Wizard Control.In other words, if the Create User Wizard is named My Create User Wizard then set the Validation Summary control's Validation Group property to "My Create User Wizard".However, if the user enters a password that does not match with the confirm password the corresponding error message will be displayed twice: once by the Compare Validator and again in the Validation Summary control.One way is to add your own Validation Summary control to the page.If you do this piece sure to set a Validation Summary control's Validation Group property to the ID of the Create User Wizard control.Another helpful tutorial can be found here: Customizing ASP.


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