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Real Food on a Budget by Vickilynn Haycraft - Eating healthy can actually make it easier to budget Dutch Oven Chicken Enchiladas by Kaylin Cherry Freezer Meals: King Ranch Chicken Casserole by Kaylin Cherry Healthy Freezer Meals by Nicole Copy Kat Recipes: Summer Specials by Stephanie Manley Copy Kat Recipes: Picnic Basket Time by Stephanie Manley return to the Library Subject Index Homemade Sundaes by Joanne Guidoccio - Lower the cost of sundaes by making them at home.

Homemade Chocolate Mixes by Alison Wood - Make your own mixes and save.

Frugal Stews by Liz Linderman - Try these great stew recipes for a frugal meal.

Homemade Nutrition Drinks Soda Substitutes - Eliminate the calories and the cost Spiced Beverages by Brenda Hyde - Cozy up with a cup Real Recipes for Real People: Flavored Coffee Creamers in Minutes!

by Kaylin White - For those soothing moments Festive Party Punches by Brenda Hyde - For that special gathering Powdered Milk by Marcella Kunc - It's one of those basic staples that have many uses Liven Up Your Iced Tea by Brenda Hyde - Refreshing and inexpensive Cool Summer Tea Drinks Special Needs Food by Jonni Mc Coy Thrifty Flavored Coffees and Creamers Homemade Cappuccino by Jonni Mc Coy Inexpensive, Homemade Diet Drinks - Reader's Recipes return to the Library Subject Index DIY Breads From Around the World by Alison Wood - Very little effort produces great results.

Frozen Assets: Freezer-Meal Potluck by Deborah Taylor-Hough - Save time without sacrificing variety Festive Party Punches by Brenda Hyde - For that special gathering Don't Forget Fido and Fluffy by Kaylin White - Holiday treats for your pets Holiday Dinner for Two by Brenda Hyde - What to do when you don't expect a crowd Let's Bake a Tradition by Ashley Ocampo Holiday Stuffing Recipes by Brenda Hyde Cinnamon Treasures by Brenda Hyde Feast on These Thanksgiving Savings by Nancy Twigg Holiday Leftover Ideas by Rachel Paxton Backyard Menu for the Fourth by Brenda Hyde Being Prepared (Hungry Man's Lasagna) by Kaylin Cherry Christmas Fun Foods and Recipes by Jenny Wanderscheid Elegant but Frugal Thanksgiving by Brenda Hyde return to the Library Subject Index Easy Summer Lunches by Susan Sundwall - Make lunchtime a fun time!

Kids in the Kitchen Summer Drinks - Those powdered drink mixes can be expensive and less than healthy.

Chicken Fried Steak by John Smith - Melt-in-Your-Mouth Cheap Steak Sandwiches by John Smith - Is there an alternative to a pricey rib eye or porterhouse?

Hamburger Funny Faces by John Smith - Feed 10 with only 3 pounds of hamburger!Hearty Breakfasts Breakfast From the Crockpot Healthy Family Breakfasts by Brenda Hyde - Leave the breakfast 'junk food' behind Inexpensive Oatmeal - A nutritional breakfast in minutes Budget Breakfast by Sandra Schneider - Convenience without the expense Beating the Breakfast Rush Hour by Deborah Taylor-Hough - Stop the insanity of weekday mornings My Story: Making Homemade Yogurt by Betsy Morgan - Make your own and save Camping Breakfasts by Brenda Hyde - A great way to start your wilderness day Homemade Instant Oatmeal Packets by Kaylin Cherry Stress-Free Breakfasts by Kaylin Cherry Special Needs Food by Jonni Mc Coy Natural Meals in Minutes: Beans for Breakfast?by Rita Bingham Fun Fruit Shakes by Kim Tilley Homemade Breakfast Bars - Reader's Recipes Homemade Yogurt by Sara Rands return to the Library Subject Index Crazy For Casseroles by Leanne Ely, C. C - Make more out of your favorite casserole dishes. - Putting Thanksgiving leftovers to good use Very Veggie Casserole - courtesy of Chet's Crock Ground Beef, Macaroni and Tomato Casserole - courtesy of Chet's Crock Luscious Layered Dinner - Chet's Crock - It starts with veggies and a sauce Potatoes!My Story: Easy Desserts from Your Pantry contributed by Diva Magenta - No need to run to the store when you already have what you need!Pie Baking Tips and Recipes by Jill Cooper - There's more than one way to get that homemade taste! Poetry on a Plate - The Valentine's dinner for two Miserly Meals - part 3 by Jonni Mc Coy Overloaded With Oranges?The Frugal Summer Lunch Program Freezing Homemade Baby Food Popsicle Paradise by Tawra Kellam - Remember licking the drips? Find 0 in Your Lunchbox by Kathleane O'Leary - It's your's for the taking Ending Lunch Time Lunacy Jazzed Up Bag Lunches by Maxine Sprague, BEd.


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