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Short Cuts to Glory: Matt Okine vs Food airs on Thursdays at 8pm on ABC.

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He believes the new series strikes a perfect tonal balance between comedy and drama.

“There are some really fun moments and there’s some absolute ridiculousness going on but there are also moments that I think are going to hit people because we wanted to try to replicate the reality of a relationship and how difficult being in love and being heartbroken is,” he says.

Loosely based on Okine’s life, the six-part series follows successful Sydney radio host AJ Amon (played by Okine) who finds himself unexpectedly back in the dating pool after discovering his long-term girlfriend has been having an affair with his best friend.“Online dating was the weird thing to do and now it’s like talking to people at a bar is the weird thing to do,” Okine says of the current app-driven dating world.

The series was written by Okine and Becky Lucas (Please Like Me) and script-produced by Greg Waters (Soul Mates, Dance Academy).

Aimed at fellow food-lovers who are also trying to increase their culinary prowess, Okine asks questions as basic as how to know when water is simmering.

What Okine may lack in cooking skills, he makes up for in enthusiasm. This is what Epic Catch does online, and now it is available on mobile."We want to make it easier and faster to reach out to someone new and explore the best your city has to offer in a way that is personalised to your interests," said Meray Azar, founder of Epic Catch.La Mint - Vietnamese When *THURSDAY* 9 November, 2017 Who Age guide: 45-55 Required: Details Take a restaurant from France, add Saigon spice, mix it up with Sydney spunk and you have La Mint Where Name: La Mint Address: 62 - 64 Riley Street Darlinghurst 2010 Web site: Phone: 9331 1818 Other Details: Arriving by car?Ticketed street parking is available or alternatively you can park at the Wilson parking 70 Riley Street flat rate for entry after 5pm Directions: Muum Maam...bring authentic Thai cuisine to Sydneysiders with everything made form scratch."There is no risk of being the odd one out or any unnecessary expectation other than to have fun.


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