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Here are some of the lowest rates and longest terms we saw on balance transfers in 2016.

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You’re in debt and you want a lower interest rate in order to repay your debts faster, but you’re not sure how to get one.

One option is through debt consolidation with a personal loan. It means taking a personal loan, such as from a bank, credit union, or peer to peer lender, and using it to pay off your existing debts.

However, there is a danger here that, despite minimising your monthly repayments, you might end up paying off the debt over a much longer term, costing you more in the long run.

Fortunately, this can be avoided by paying more than the minimum each month.

Once the balance transfer promotional period is over, the interest rate charged on the credit card may revert to quite a high rate – in fact, some of the highest rates on our database.

So if you haven’t paid the balance off in the specified timeframe, this can eat into any debt consolidation you’ve achieved up to that point.

Despite all these options, it might make more sense to talk to your credit providers instead.

Rather than consolidating, it can be more effective to leave your debts where they are and talk to each of your credit providers about a repayment plan or repayment strategy.

Compare Personal Loans Generally, the credit card debt consolidation method involves using a credit card balance transfer.


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