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If you’ve fallen behind and have been making late payments on your credit cards, consolidating them to one monthly payment could raise your credit score as your payment history improves.On the other hand, taking on a new loan, in general, could cause a short-term drop in your credit score because of the hard inquiry.

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Credit card consolidation could affect your credit in two main ways: placing a hard inquiry on your credit report and decreasing your credit utilization ratio.

The first negatively affecting your credit score and the second positively affecting your credit score.

A hard inquiry could cause a temporary dip your credit score when the lender pulls your credit report to evaluate your application.

Your credit utilization ratio could go down if you payoff your credit cards with the consolidation loan but keep the credit cards open.

When it comes to opening a new account and consolidating your debt, your credit card utilization will gradually change. These kind of loans are secured to an asset or collateral that can be seized if you don’t make your repayments.

You may be able to borrow more with a secured loan but the risks can also be higher if you struggle with repayments.For your credit utilization ratio to have a good effect on your credit score, it needs to be within the 1%-30% range.So, if you hold a ,000 credit card limit, you’ll only want a maximum of ,000 debt on it.By rolling over your existing loans into a brand new loan, you are likely to see a modest negative impact on your credit score, although it is possible your score can rise.Credit scores favor longer-standing debts with longer, more consistent payment histories.You are likely to be unable to acquire new loans, or at least unsecured loans, when you are in a debt management plan.


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