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One of our clients recently said: You changed our lives 120%!Court rulings are heavily skewed in favour of creditors, where consumers cannot repay their debt.

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The difference however, was that creditors were much more lenient towards debtors during Biblical times.

In Exodus [God says] If you lend money to any of my people with you, who is poor, you shall not exact interest from him; If ever you take your neighbors garment in pledge, you shall restore it to him before the sun goes down..." o The Roman Law provided that a debtor, who failed to make good payments to his creditors, could be in parti secant (his flesh could be cut! o Sections 65A to 65M of the South African Magistrates' Courts Act provided for the imprisonment of judgment debtors in certain circumstances, until it was found in 1995 by the Constitutional Court to be inconsistent with the right to personal freedom provided for in section 11(1) in Chapter 3 of the Interim Constitution. o According to statistics recently released by the NCR, the number of consumers with impaired records in SA keep to rise.

Normal Credit Provider Collection Costs range from 17% to 23%.

The Cost of Debt Counselling is however Reduced by the Negotiated Industry Concessions, which is part of the Task Team Agreement.

We are NCR REGISTERED DEBT COUNSELLORS SINCE 2007, when debt counselling first started in SA.

Our debt counsellors are well trained, have an excellent reputation, and are consumer activists..One debt relief solution may be a debt management plan; another may be bankruptcy.Call (800) 565-8953 to speak with a certified credit counselor or Start online credit counseling.Debt counselling fees are prescribed by the NCR, and debt counsellors cannot receive more than these fees.A debt counsellor is not allowed to receive your monthly payments, and distribute it to your creditors.Are you looking to consolidate your credit card debt payments without taking out a new loan?

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