Configure the forward and reverse lookup zones for dynamic updating

The GPO doesn't change anything, but enabling "Use this connection's DNS suffix in DNS registration" actually did the trick.Please rewrite your answer to explicitly state this, and I'll accept it.

configure the forward and reverse lookup zones for dynamic updating-34configure the forward and reverse lookup zones for dynamic updating-6

Configure the forward and reverse lookup zones for dynamic updating

And make sure the DNS dynamic update credentials are correct and appropriate permissions are applied for this to work As I said in the question, configuring the DHCP server is not an option. It won't register DNS records for its clients, period.

They should be able to handle it, since all of them are domain members.

Your ISP or hosting provider may delegate your own range of IP addresses, or you may have NAT setup for Private IP space you control, in this case you must configure Reverse DNS thru PTR records on your DNS server.

A lot of Systems Administrators configure Forward DNS but not Reverse DNS.

In Sports most cases when you do this things will work fine, however some applications require doing Reverse DNS lookups in which case you could run into latency issues and a whole wholesale nba jerseys slew of other issues.

Common applications and protocols such as IRC, SMTP, Backup utilities, and Databases sometimes use Reverse DNS. A flag of "0" means the client updates the A record and requests that the server update the PTR record on its behalf. Also in the DHCP scope make sure == Click the DNS tab, click Properties, and then click to select the Dynamically update DNS A and PTR records only if requested by the DHCP clients check box == is set.This would mean when the default flag of "0" comes in the server will then try to register the PTR record with the DNS server(s) it is configured to update.Statically configured (non-DHCP) clients register both the A RR and the PTR RR with the DNS server themselves.Edit: According to the article linked by The Cleaner below, the GPO I mentioned in my comment will not do what you want (yeah MS and closed-source software).You would simply send them what Hostname resolves to what IP, and they would setup the PTR records.


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