six minute dating in chattanooga tn - Common dating issues for young poeple

It is important for people in this age group to give themselves permission to slow down.

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Individuals often come to therapy wanting help with a current relationship or advice about why they can’t seem to date the right people.

There is no ‘quick fix’ or answer to these questions, but together we can work to gain a better understanding of an individual’s patterns of thinking and behavior in order to identify opportunities for growth.

Individuals are told they have to build a successful career, date the perfect person, make a lot of money, plan for their financial future, put a down payment on a house, maintain relationships with friends and family, travel to expand their knowledge and experiences, stay in-shape and healthy, and so on and so on. The idea that individuals should be able to handle all of these roles and responsibilities seamlessly can result in feelings of anxiety and depression.

That’s because you are setting yourself up for failure by having unrealistic expectations.

Alleviate some of the pressure by turning off that internal clock that says you’re running out of time.

Finding a balance between developing your professional and personal life is important, and doing so will enable you to be more fully present in each moment.

The set of guidelines and tools provided through therapy will help you overcome common challenges most young, working professionals experience in the dating world, such as: trying to find a balance between work life & private life, learning important relationship skills, and identifying opportunities for personal growth.

Alyssa answered the following questions to provide more insight about relationships and therapy: “Communication and vulnerability.

I often find that clients struggle in relationships and dating because they are scared to be open and expressive with their feelings.

Their fear of rejection, fear of being hurt, fear of being taken advantage of, etc.

Therapy can help each partner learn how to address miscommunication before it becomes a larger issue.


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