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According to his annual salary is said to be around 2424 and his net worth is estimated to be around Million. His debut acting role was in the movie, Still Holding On: The Legend of Cadillac Jack.

He is also good at playing guitar and singing songs.

He released his debut single, Breathe at the end of 2010.

Edit Till now, he has been nominated in lots of prestigious awards and he has also been honored with several of them.

In 2006, he got his first nomination in The Stinkers Bad Movie Awards and that was for Worst On-Screen Hairstyle.

“Billy Ray brought his guitar to work a lot, as did Miley.

When Dolly Parton was on the same episode as I was, she taught me how to play ‘Blackbird.’9.

Edit At the end of 2008, he took part in the seventh session of Dancing with the Stars. Edit Besides being known in the world as an emerging actor, Cody Linley is also a reputed singer. He released his debut single, Breathe in 2010 and his first album was released later in 2012.

He took part as one of the contestants of this show and he partnered with Julianne Hough.

Edit In 2001, he got his first nomination in one of the major awards in his life and that was in Young Artist Awards.

He was nominated in this award that year for his role in the movie, My Dog Skip.

His parents are Cathryn Sullivan, an acting coach and Lee Linley and also had a younger brother Chad Linley, who died in August 7, 2011.


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