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This objective becomes more intriguing as industry-wide loyalty and financial product trends continue to emerge that are impacting credit card programs. Four factors are contributing to the increased attention on co-brand card spend: 1.Economic model evolution It’s no secret that financial models for co-brand programs are in a constant state of change.Jet Privilege, India's largest and award-winning frequent flyer programme for Jet Airways, has partnered with HDFC Bank, India's most valuable company and the second largest private sector bank to launch the Jet Privilege HDFC Bank Credit Cards, an exclusive range of cards presenting unique benefits and rewards in form of JPMiles.

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No matter the era, the question remains: How do we stop consumers in their tracks with effective, engaging, and engendering tactics that enable them to extract immediate value and status from their brand connections?

Strategically adapting to the changes outlined above is one way to start that exciting journey for your co-brand program.

This must be a shared vision within the entire merchant organization, ensuring the direct link between the co-brand program value proposition and projected revenue are just that—firmly connected. Consumer economic outlook Multiple factors point towards continued strength and stability in consumer spending: ongoing housing industry growth, declining credit loss rates, increasing interest rates, and rising consumer credit rates all indicate continued recovery and growth from the “great recession.” Additionally, as technology innovation and adoption grow in both their abilities to seamlessly integrate with card programs and provide real, desirable value to members, consumers will embrace those relevant—and often experiential—rewards with card spend.

(Innovation examples include real-time account issuance, instant point earning and redemption capabilities, quick read card design, and integrated consumer experiential tracking, to name a few.) Although the technological environment, cultural trends and preferences, and personality traits of various generations change over time, the behavioral tactics that incentivize and drive loyalty remain much unchanged.

For a seamless experience, kindly ensure your contact details are updated in the HDFC Bank records at all times. Please Note - You will automatically be provided with a Jet Privilege HDFC Bank co-brand credit card on the VISA frachisee upon the renewal of your existing Master Card variant.

For a seamless experience, kindly ensure your contact details are updated in the HDFC Bank records at all times.

As airlines gain greater leverage with ongoing mergers and renegotiated contracts and loyalty programs continue to experience rising profits, two questions emerge: First, how sustainable are the current models and the merchant/issuer relationships with thinner pricing and rising profits competing against each other?


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