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David Hutchinson, Chief Customer Officer, Petbarn said: “At Petbarn we are passionate about pet adoption and feel that every pet deserves a loving home.

We are grateful that we can hold events like these that gives needing animals a chance to find a forever home as well as enriching the lives of prospective pet parents.“We know that having a pet in your life means you are more likely to have a healthier heart, be less stressed, be happier and by opening your heart to a furry friend it will allow you to be a better you.

If you hit it off, you are likely to be able to meet up with that person again as dog walkers seem to have favourite places and times of day to take their dog for a walk.

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Ride a horse, take a swan boat to discover the shorelines, dance in the greenhouse, go swimming or discover Heaven’s Isles for even more romantic possibilities.

Here you'll also find information in German and English about what tantra as a path of self-discovery and enlightenment truly means.

Since launching, the Foundation has raised over $2.5 million dollars for local animal charities.

Have you ever considered the many ways that your dog can open the door for you in terms of meeting like minded people?

We are dedicated to bringing single pet owners together for friendship and dating.

Pets Partners And Pals is all about enabling you to find that special, like-minded person to hit it off with in just the right way.

There are so many pet lovers out there looking for love of a human kind and we want to bring quality people together to make relationships for life.

It is because we care about what we do and the people who join us that we believe we are the online dating service of choice for animal lovers.

Your four legged canine companion could be your best bet to finding your perfect match.

I base this fact on my own single days as a dog owner.

I agree entirely with that last comment and the principle of “love me, love my dog”. Dogs definitely know what people are like on the inside and what their energy is really saying. While your dog is socialising with other play mates, you can make conversation with fellow park visitors.

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