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I am so thankful for her and I have to say my relationship with the Lord has gotten much closer since I’ve known her and I thank Jesus for that. Anyhow, I’m thankful to the Lord that I had found her in Christian Filipina.I thank you all and may God richly bless the rest of you and your searches.” “First of all, I would like to say that God is Good all the time. Focus on your dream, be a good person and most importantly, trust and believe in God, no matter what happens. We need your prayers for me and my husband’s happy ever after ending.” “My search is over. I am looking forward to actually meeting her this Christmas and New Year!

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Lord willing and by the grace of God, our plans have come true. I pray that everyone will be as lucky as me, and find their true love. ” “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the staff of Christian Filipina in making my and my lady’s dream come true.

We both have been searching for the very special person for years and it’s only when we connected with CF, and with the help of God, that made it possible for Judilyn and I.

So, I would like to thank God and the entire staff for the help and support during my search here in Christian Filipina. Good luck to all on your search for your soul mate.

” “I’m declaring to all of you great news, that Christian Filipina really works.

I met my now wonderful husband and we’re very happy. So good luck in your search, be patient, be true and most importantly, be yourself!

We got married this year and I feel so blessed to have someone so kind and loving to spend my lifetime with. And remember, God has someone out there for you as long as your intentions are true and you have faith and trust in Him. ” “I am now engaged to a sweet and beautiful lady, Dorothy. After many prayers to God to send me someone who will love me the way I will love her, He has answered my prayers. ” “I have found my soul mate and best friend here in Christian Filipina. She has agreed to become my nobya and she has introduced me to her mom!

I am awestruck that I am going to be a dad in 7 months! I am now engaged to Terry (it’s funny because we share the same name), and we are now planning to start a new journey together.

I am helping a work mate who is amazed by what I am telling him and wants to join as soon as I get back from holidays. ” “First of all, I would like to thank the Lord above for sending me the man that I wish to be with for the rest of my life! I am truly grateful for Christian Filipina and would like to extend my sincerest thanks to all the CF Staff for bringing us together. ” “I met my beautiful wife in Christian Filipina on November 2016.

We got married in the Philippines in God’s presence before we live together and while our papers for Fiancee Visa are still in process.

When we got approved to come here in the USA, we got married again.

” “My experience with Christian Filipina has been a great shock!


  1. I needed to come up with a rigorous and scientific process. You need a certain amount of candidates to be able to benchmark what quality means, and humans are really difficult to assess. I had to qualify each lead — see with which girl there was a fit and with which there wasn’t, to maximize chances of finding the One. Openers, follow-up messages, swiping, bookmarking, text messages and phone number recording. I assumed canned messages wouldn’t work well, but after over 10,000 sent, there wasn’t a significant response rate difference between personalized and generic messages. I became an online dating magician who knew how to optimize a profile — A/B testing pictures and message.

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