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Heavy hitters in the industry, such as, and, reported a 17 per cent increase at the end of last year, while another US dating site saw three times more people than usual joining on 29 September 2008 – the day the stock market fell 700 points.

Did Jackie have an explanation for dating sites bucking the economic trend?

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Apart from telling them they shouldn't have sex until they are married, of course. "Because of who we serve, it's important to have at least some people around who understand the religious mind-set. Many Christian sites are owned by non-Christian organisations and lack that understanding." So who's making waves in the dating industry at present?

So I knew something was needed in terms of support. "Well, I suppose the current headline maker, earning millions through Google Adwords, is

So perhaps in recession, we all just need a great deal more sex?

, though, is that online dating is a well developed industry, and that really whatever your fancy or quirk, there's a special site for you.

They do wonder if it's right to put their future in something other than God's hands.

And consequently, some do choose not to tell their vicar – because vicars are not always helpful.

Which English cathedral runs speed dating as part of its ministry?

And why have record numbers of people joined dating websites since the economic downturn?

When Jackie goes on industry conferences in such glamorous venues as Nice, Miami and Amsterdam, she encounters an extraordinary range of options. "There are lesbian and gay sites, of course, but specific provision also for lonely Jews, Muslims, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons and those who are HIV Positive. Aren't believers meant to trust in God for a partner rather than go fishing online?


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