Child dating gay parent

i will say when i first moved here from the east coast, being gay or lesbian was much more open on the west coast. for example the county where san jose is in and i suspect many others in CA has an adoption consultant both to the kids if they are gay and to the parents as well if they are.there were also mentors and role models to assist in "either direction" to help "mixed" families out--be it parent or child who was gay/lesbian.

"Sometimes it's hard for me." I believe that kids want their parents to be honest with them. "No, actually, I don't." I could have gone with "I love it; I think I'll get me one for Christmas." But I chose honesty. I may have a bird." In some ways, it is just as weird when your daughter brings home a boyfriend for the first time. Extended family get-togethers add another layer of nosiness: "Is he a friend or a friend friend?

That was the approach I took when my 16-year-old daughter got a nose ring. " Get input from your kid on how to handle such kitchen buzz.

Thanks, Kitty You should check with your local Gay/Lesbian Resource center. In Toronto, we actually have a Gay Yellow Pages with all sorts of resources available at your fungertips.. many people went to their original place of worship and there as well, just to be "themselves" for awhile.

that was largely because at the time the minister was gay and her partner was an ex nun as well as social work expert in adoption. the minister also influenced and educated the local council of churches, etc.

i believe they have parent networks as well for those who are gay/lesbian.

their lesbian social worker worked with my daughter and part of that journey led her back to being heterosexual.

you might try santa clara county foster/adopt unit if you can get through to see if that person will speak to you.

perhaps you are needed to start a group like this yourself.

These are the concerns we hear frequently: See Also: AARP's Pride Page "I'm not sure how to react." Being openly gay may be the most courageous choice your son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter will ever make. When you are erasing the picture of the wedding cake with a husband and wife on top from your hard drive, remember that. "I don't know how to tell friends and family about my gay kid or grandkid." Present it like a five-alarm blaze and it will be received that way. And don't think for a minute that your friends and neighbors aren't in the same boat. And take it from me, never assume a friend or relative will be narrow-minded. Joan Garry is a nationally recognized gay rights leader and the former president of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).

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