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Amongst others a collection of 14 videos where they very kindly and honestly answer many fan questions. Das Treffen dauert bis zu Zirka 7 Uhr und danach können die Leute die Lust und Laune haben im Zentrum von Den Haag Dinieren/essen.Below you can watch again the 14 videos but be sure to regularly visit the Gibb Collective chanel on youtube and the facebook pages of GSI and Gibb Collective to stay fully updated of all activities. Wir Hoffen euch zu sehen am 28e Oktober in Den Haag.

This account number is NL02INGB0656067438 and on payment please mention the Bee Gees / Gibb meeting 2017 The Hague!

As always, we have a corner where people can exchange and sell duplicate CDs and discs etc.

Wij hopen Jullie te zien op de 28e Oktober in DEN HAAG !

En wat het belangrijkste is dat we er met Zijn allen een leuke en gezellige middag van gaan maken de meeting zal tot circa 7 uur duren en daarna kunnen de mensen die zin hebben uit eten gaan in het centrum van Den Haag.

Videos by The Gibb Collective October has been a special Gibb Collective month. Es findet statt im Jazz und Blues Societeit Engels.

The Gibb Family honored the Bee Gees Legacy with a tribute album. Adresse: Koningin Emmakade 4-5 B 2518 RJ Den Haag Der Eintrittspreis beträgt 12,50 pro Person Zuerst haben wir 2 Brötchen pro Person und 3 Getränke, Kaffee, Bier und wann ihr was schwereres trinken möchte dann ist das auf eigenen Konto!

And what matters most is that we are all having a great and enjoyable afternoon.

The meeting will take up till 7 o clock, and after that, we can get into the City of The Hague and enjoy our Dinner !

We got to meet with Maurice Gibb and on a couple of occasions went with him, in his blacked out Mini Cooper, to The Speakeasy Club, to meet up with Robin Gibb, George Harrison and Ringo.

I believe that they were talking about sharing an orchestra for an upcoming tour with the band on the same tour?

Enjoy and hope to see you on the 28th of October in The Hague Greetings Eric van Veen and Fred Kaarls [email protected] Marion / GSI I just had a conversation with Dick who very kindly said I should speak to you about PP Arnold's Heritage album that is due for release 6th October..


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