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Few breweries have a porter as a flagship, but Oregon-based Deschutes Brewery does. This is one of those dark beers that won’t weigh you down.

Bernstein describes the brew as “balanced and beautiful"—and anything but boring.

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To save time at the liquor store and cash at the register, we asked four beer experts to weigh in on six-packs that taste expensive but won’t break the bank..

Most lagers are cheap beers made for easy guzzling, but Narragansett breaks the mold with a slightly bitter taste, providing a “crisp and light road to refreshment,” Bernstein says.

The “summer quencher with a ton of flavor” has a balance of bread and hops, forming an enticing aroma and taste.

“The sweet malt flavor gives a support to the hops, which are present but not overpowering, resulting in a clean, refreshing brew,” Larson says.

The “impressively dark” brew pours thick and viscous with a dessert-like aroma of caramel, light coffee, and rich maltiness, Larson says.

“While some porters can seem thin, even watery, Founders' take on the style is smooth and thick, but not syrupy,” he says. Loaded with Citra hops—some of the most sought-after hops on the market—this India pils lager comes from a fantastic brewery in Middlebury, Vermont. The beloved beverage helps take the edge off, tastes amazing after an intense workout, and even boasts health benefits. We’re talking about the carbonated drink that has the opposite effect on your tummy: beer.We live in a time where top-notch beer—not that watered-down stuff we drank in college—is easier than ever to find.The only problem is that a six-pack of the good stuff can set you back a pretty penny.“Citra hops give this 5.75-percent lager a beautiful flavor of citrus, including lemon peel, grapefruit peel, and light notes of tangerine,” Clarke says.


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