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I looked forward to going off to college, making new friends and experiencing new things.

I'm a good looking guy and never had a problem attracting cute girls.

So, I guess it's not surprising that I have always encouraged the women in my life to walk around sans bra.

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I was startled when the front door opened and Kirk walked in.

I thought he was out for the night and didn't expect him home.

I always went for the wholesome girl-next-door type. A wholesome looking girl likes to suck cock, and fuck, as much as a slutty looking girl.

I'm just more turned on having an innocent looking girl wrap her lips around my cock.

I always encouraged my girlfriends to wear thong bikini bottoms at the pool and beach.

Nothing is more stimulating than a young, tight ass in a thong bikini bottom.And I'm now in a constant state of arousal knowing that my wife thoroughly enjoys fucking other men. Being a cuckold boyfriend, and now a cuckold husband, I think I have a fairly unique sexual understanding of women.I know, for instance, that most women have an inner slut just waiting to be set free.The more wholesome and real the women, the harder my dick would get.I was really turned on by photos of real women wearing see-through tops, or tight tops, that showed off their nipples in a very public, naughty manner.And I met a really cute girl who quickly became my steady girlfriend. It didn't take long before she was spending 4 or 5 nights a week sleeping over.

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