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As per request as well as to whoever may find it useful, here is a collection of lua routines to 'decode' and extract useful information from item links in the Lot RO chat.

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As much as possible, save link data from the chat and decode it later on user actions rather than on the fly.

It could potentially make the game feel laggy otherwise in AOE situations with a lot of mobs are dropping loot.

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- DPS = (4/5 of max hit) / (attack duration of weapon) - attack duration is 2.5s for 2h, 1.9s for 1h Code snippet using my plugin Here Be Dragons to browse results from links posted to the chat: " ); if item Data ~= nil then local result = Item Link Decode. Hello, It is different for the links with "Select: IID" (= shortcut) For example, for "Hauberk of the Hammerhand", ID = 1879275515 (0x700377FB) I get, from quickslot Get Shortcut(): Get Data() : * Arkenstone 0x03070003EE00D089,0x00000000 * Brandywine 0x03020005A139F4C8,0x00000000 From other tests, I can see that the first bytes are the server (Arkenstone = 0x0307) but is there a way to retrieve the real id (0x700377FB) from the first part of the shortcut ? Compression as used in my plugin LIP, on the other hand, well, that gave me a few headaches Previously 'Unknown' fields added: item Dye - color of the item item Bind To Account - whether the item binds to account item Bind On Acquire - whether the item binds on acquire item Armour - armour value of the item Thanks to "Xiv" & "bopozhej" & the nice folks of the Russian Lot RO community.

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