Changi airport dating

Still, at the Wellness Oasis, pocketed in the underbelly of T2, the thought of tiddlers nibbling the skin off my toes (£13.50, 30 minutes) does little to distract me from one simple fact: I still have almost 36 hours to go.

Around this time, I begin to crave meaningful conversation, so detour to the nearby Whiskey House, a leather-and-lamps club on a mezzanine above the mammoth duty free shop.

But like most airport shopping, it’s a mix of the unaffordable (Michael Kors) and the unappealing (Mc Donalds).

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In a post-dumpling sweat, and through immigration and security, I seek-out the free 24-hour transit cinema to hunker down; an easy win to pass a couple of hours. My mood brightens at Changi’s Butterfly Garden in the T3 Transit Area.

It’s a curious thing to hear the buzz of 1000-odd fruit-feeding butterflies at the same time as the growl of jet engines and the gush of a cascading waterfall; more so when the cocoon cages are prised open so passengers can see the chrysalises up close.

Here, the menu fuses the traditional bun with cuckoo-crazy flavours – crab roe, cheese, garlic, foie gras, and the restaurant’s signature, black truffle.

I order the lot (£15 for 8) and instantly regret it.

With loopy carnival slides, a butterfly garden and a fish spa, Singapore’s Changi Airport promises more top-billed attractions than some theme parks. Airports, for most travellers, tend to fall into two categories.

The first is the shoot-me-now domain of the budget airline, where passengers are kettled into pens akin to those found in a knacker’s yard.

Once finished, it will house a hedge maze, 130ft waterfall, tropical canopy walkway, and “indoor clouds”. Eyeing the airport diorama on the public concourse, it’s clear the razzamatazz is relentless.

A fourth terminal, with a walk-through street of fake Peranakan shophouses, is due to open in October. To get from here to an early lunch, I experience the first of Changi’s marketing brainstorms: a ride on the world’s tallest airport chute, the [email protected] (free ride for every £5 spent).

Rooms are bookable by the hour – a six-hour stint costs around £60.


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