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After suffering in silence for years before writing a 2012 biography, she tells The Post that she realized that “my story needed to be told.

I knew [the film] would give me a bigger platform to help people who do not have a voice, like my father.” It was her father’s diagnosis of full-blown schizophrenia, coupled with her mother’s alcoholism, that brought the 11-year-old Holdsclaw to live with her grandmother in a housing project in Queens.

C., who finally knew how to build a safe space for Holdsclaw to find refuge. But I'll eventually get out of bed and get to the gym." For Holdsclaw, it has been living her life openly about both her sexual orientation and her mental illness that have freed her to live a happier, healthier life. And now I wake up and there's nothing you can say to me. I'm a black woman, and yes I've had these mental health issues, but when you're open about it, what can they say?

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Even then, her grandmother realized that something was terribly wrong.

“My grandmother noticed my anger, and how I would retreat to my room whenever my mother came by,” recalls Holdsclaw, now 38.

But her biggest opponent wasn’t on the basketball court: It was her mind.

Now she’s taking her shot: A documentary, “Mind/Game: The Unquiet Journey of Chamique Holdsclaw,” is airing Tuesday on Logo.

Thank you to the many friends, family members, and mental health professionals taking care of those who are suffering and helping them find their paths to healing.

She was called “the female Michael Jordan” — and if anyone was likely to make the WNBA wildly popular, it was Chamique Holdsclaw.

“Basketball was a release from the things that I was dealing within my family structure,” she says. It was something that I did not address, and eventually it got worse.” On the court, though, she seemed invincible, leading the University of Tennessee women’s basketball team to three consecutive championships.

Though she had everything a student athlete could want, she still wasn’t happy.

In light of all that has happened in over the past month, it is important to acknowledge the people who provide positive examples of love, light, strength and perseverance.

Last week at its 3rd annual Trailblazer Honors event, LOGO paid tribute to the victims of the Pulse shooting in Orlando and honored several champions of equality for the LGBT community–among them, legendary athlete Billie Jean King and actor Harvey Fierstein.

But she wasn't able to be honest about the incredible mental illness that was eating at her.


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