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Les tirs ont débuté dans la zone du PK-12, dans le nord de la ville, puis se sont étendus à d'autres quartiers, notamment non loin du centre, dans la zone du fleuve.

Au fil des heures, les tirs ont nettement diminué d'intensité, même si à 14 heures des tirs épisodiques étaient encore signalés dans certains quartiers.

La Centrafrique est plongée dans le chaos et un engrenage de violences communautaires et inter-religieuses entre chrétiens et musulmans depuis le renversement en mars du président Bozizé par une coalition hétéroclite à dominante musulmane, la Séléka.

Bangui retained its importance as a military and administrative centre when the colony was folded into French Equatorial Africa and under both Vichy and Free French control during World War II.

The French operated a radio transmitter in Bangui, which was described in 1932 as "the most remote radio station in Africa".

After returning voluntarily to Bangui in the autumn of 1986, His successor was General André Kolingba, army chief of staff of Decko’s army, who took over control from the local French military on 1 September 1981 under the pretext that the country was heading towards civil war.

Although he attempted to combat corruption and control the national economy, he was unable to achieve his reforms.

It is served by the Bangui M'Poko International Airport.

The National Assembly, government buildings, banks, foreign enterprises and embassies, hospitals, hotels, main markets and the Ngaragba Central Prison are all located here.The colony of Ubangi-Shari received its autonomy in 1958 as the Central African Republic and this became independent from France in 1960.In 1970, President Jean-Bédel Bokassa inaugurated the University of Bangui.The city is also home to the University of Bangui, inaugurated in 1970.Bangui has been the scene of intense rebel activity and destruction during decades of political upheaval, including the current rebellion.Relations with the French worsened still further in April 1974, when Brigette Miroux's body was discovered in a hotel room in Bangui.


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