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Kraft is looking forward to meeting his archaeology students for the first time.His ‘Trust’ lecture is always a hit with his students, and this year shouldn’t be any different. He is sent to the European Union State to examine the possibility of cooperation between Canada and Europe.So why does she feel so unsettled by the way everyone at the institute where she works is behaving?

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He experiments with his power on those around him, and encounters CAMP as a consequence.

Today is the first day of classes at Mind Control University, and Dr.

When Jesse’s friend asks him to tag along for a trip to a local Psychiatrist for some hypnosis, he is hesitant to accept.

His friend Chris just wants Jesse to keep an eye on him to make sure nothing embarrassing happens.

Bethany Bowles had never heard of the company or really much about the dark web as she went about her life as the city’s newest prosecutor.

It made no difference as once her picture appeared in the online catalogue, it would not be long before there would be a buyer.

on Isle Dormignonne, Nancy can once again think for herself. A street hardened fifteen year old that wakes up in the hospital.

She can even face her memories, and think clearly about her life in a trance as the mind controllers’ obedient pawn. Johnny and Cyndi have been best friends since, forever. Johnny would love it if their relationship went beyond mere friendship, except Cyndi prefers women. The last thing he remembers is walking out of a bar in Los Angles, but now he’s in Michigan and does not know how he got there.

Jesse sits off to the side to let the Psychiatrist play with Chris, but eavesdropping becomes a little too tempting...

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