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If there’s anything Degrassi (recently named one of the best high school shows of all time by Paste) loves more than toying with its audience, it’s subjecting its teenage characters to repeated hardships.Now in its 15th season, Degrassi has become cyclical with its plots, perhaps for story power, resonance within the audience or an existentialist interpretation of adolescence.

Cassie steele jake epstein dating

The matter at fact is that, whether we’re adolescents or adults, we sympathize and identify with the stories on Degrassi, because it doesn’t hide from the universality of suffering and shows us how to make it through.

Reminisce on Degrassi’s 10 most difficult and devastating story lines of the entire series. Ellie’s cutting No matter the vehicle, self-injury usually stems from a desire for control, and Ellie Nash’s (Stacey Farber) home life warrants it.

Craig poorly attempts to run away to British Columbia with Angie, and then jumps in front of a train after Sean denies the same offer. ” Unfortunately, Albert never gets the chance to redeem himself — the next morning, police come to Joey’s door to let him know Albert has died in an accident. Zoë’s assault Despite her level of celebrity, Zoë Rivas (Ana Golja), has trouble fitting in at Degrassi after exiting her stint as an actress on West Drive.

Later that night, Joey and Sean find Craig at his mother’s grave, where he admits that Albert beats him. ” Albert: “Because you always screw up.” Craig: “No, Dad, you’re the one who screws up. With the exception of Tristan, her friends act more like minions and she manipulates her way into relationships.

After her metamorphosis in “U Got the Look,” Manny has attention, but it doesn’t equate with love—rather, she wants the kind of love that breaks out of Craig when he gets in a fight with Ashley Kerwin (Melissa Mc Intyre).

Before Ashley and Craig make up, Manny takes advantage of Craig’s depression and has sex with him, starting a furtive relationship of her own.To make matters worse, Ashley broadcasts her dilemma to the entire school. Liberty’s pregnancy Liberty Van Zandt (Sarah Barrable-Tishauer) always seems to have the answers—that is, until she and J. Yorke (Ryan Cooley) use an oversized condom and become pregnant. The two temporarily rekindle their relationship and end up in over their heads, especially once J. steals Oxycodone from his job at the pharmacy so he can sell it through Jay—and when that backfires, he swallows the bag of pills in a suicide attempt.After a disastrous attempt at babysitting, Manny decides to get an abortion, and Craig, who’s grasping for a family of his own, becomes enraged. Liberty doesn’t want to abort the baby, and perhaps because his family is already so small, J. Liberty feels she has no choice but to give the baby away, and relinquishes him shortly after giving birth.Years before, his mother, Julia, left his father, Allen (Hugh Dillon) for Joey Jeremiah (Pat Mastroianni) and had another child, Angela (Alex Steele).Our first glimpse of Albert, who takes out his anger on Craig, is scary — he bangs on the table and gets angry because Craig is late to dinner, showing his violent undertones.Meanwhile, Becky Baker (Sarah Fischer) connects a trail of clues from the party to identify the assaulters and discovers that the ringleader is her brother, Luke (Craig Arnold).

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