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Fellowships are meant to encourage one's writing practice, the start or completion of a writing project, and can accommodate one adult in a private room.Fellowships are also meant to encourage Loft teaching artist interest in teaching at MISA.

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They look to books, the Internet, a few workshops or conferences, and perhaps even a few trusted colleagues for new ideas and inspiration.

If the only avenue for teachers to discover new methodologies and ideas is Pinterest and Twitter, we have to admit we have a problem.

Effective teacher collaboration requires teachers to move away from the norm of working alone and interacting privately with their students and toward relinquishing some of their traditional autonomy in favor of sharing and partnership with their peers, either at grade level or beyond.

Teacher collaboration is more than teachers gathered together to talk at each other about what they like to do.

The Loft Literary Center and the Madeline Island School for the Arts (MISA) invite nominations for the Excellence in Teaching Fellowship.

Fellows receive one week at MISA to work on a writing project of their choice.

If you are a Loft teaching artist, encourage your students to nominate fellow teaching artists you feel deserve this award - including yourself! Anyone who has taught at the Loft in 20 is eligible.

Nomination forms can be requested from the Loft education office, and they will be placed in the evaluation packets of all Loft classes.

We teach our children to share, to cooperate, to play nicely– to be good citizens who work together to make their world a better place.

In business, we emphasize teamwork, encourage community spirit, and build relationships.

Teachers deserve more; professional collaboration improves teachers’ professional expertise and has a big impact on student learning and outcomes.


  1. When you're in a relationship, you're emotionally involved or at least connected in some way.

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