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He is actually an agent of the Tripredacus Council, which is trying to coax the Beast Wars toward an unspecified goal, where neither Autobot or Decepticon won the Great War. If anything upsets Tarantulas, other than losing a potential meal, it's those pompous aliens who call themselves the Vok.

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Before he could do anything with the knowledge, he encountered Rattrap, who'd come to destroy the mountain.

Their fight ended with Tarantulas falling from the side of the mountain.

Megatron suspected he had ulterior motives, but was nonetheless pleased by the new soldier.

Tarantulas seemed happy to follow Terrorsaur when the Predacon mounted another takeover attempt with the aid of Rattrap, but spent most of his time skulking around the Darksyde in search of rats to eat.

Unfortunately for them, Dinobot had time to activate the base defenses, and Tarantulas was blasted into the distance by the auto-guns.

When the Predacons finally captured a stasis pod, Tarantulas made sure that the protoform was given a spider beast mode, creating Blackarachnia.

Tarantulas's emotional detachment from their war also rubs his peers the wrong way.

Fighting Maximals and following orders is just a required chore; his real passion is the unmentionable projects stashed in his "secret" lair.

He spotted Rattrap sneaking around, but the Maximal blasted him before he could do anything.


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