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By 1831 the development of the eastern end of the parish had increased the population to 1,360 but this brought few economic benefits to Hove village itself, with the historian Thomas Horsfield describing it in 1835 as 'a mean and insignificant assemblage of huts'.

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Later, other brickfields were established further west, remaining until displaced by housing development.

In the years following the Coronation of 1821 the Brunswick estate of large Regency houses boasting a theatre, riding schools and their own police was developed on the seafront near the boundary with Brighton.

Although production of coal gas was notorious for the smell it produced, the company acquired land in the fields between Hove Street and St.

Andrew's Church, and in 1832 built a gasworks on a two-acre site.

There are entries for Brighton and Portslade (Bristelmestune and Porteslage) and small downland settlements like Hangleton (Hangetone), but nothing for the location of Hove itself.

Hove is an ancient coastal settlement with St Andrew's Church being established in the 12th century.

Hove is bordered by Brighton to the east and Portslade-by-Sea in the west, the distance between the boundaries being some 2.25 mi (3.75 km).

During mid 19th-century building work near Palmeira Square, workmen levelled a substantial burial mound.

Dating from 1822, the Brighton to Shoreham turnpike crossed the north of Hove parish along the route of the present Old Shoreham Road.

The Brighton General Gas Light Company was formed in 1825.

Being situated in Hove it avoided the duty of £1 per 8 tons levied on coal by the Brighton Town Act of 1773.


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