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His first general aviation flight was at the age of five in Michigan.

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However, right before the season started, casting changes were made and he was left off the show.

It was said that many of the producers felt he was too similar in humor style to Dana Carvey, who was also joining the show in 1986, and that was why the change was made.

Coulier says he understands that longtime fans might be skeptical of his take on the role, but he could not help jumping at the chance to portray one of his favorite comic characters.

"It's huge shoes to fill, stepping into Rick Moranis' shoes. Coulier is reprising his role as Joey Gladstone for the Full House spin-off Fuller House.

Additionally, he was also a voice actor in Yogi Bear and the Magical Flight of the Spruce Goose and has voiced Felix the Cat on a few occasions.

He also put out a solo album called Cut It Out, a self-proclaimed tribute to "tank tops and short shorts." In addition to his voice work, Coulier has also taken a few acting parts appearing in the Disney Channel Original Movie's The Thirteenth Year and The Even Stevens Movie (where he had a cameo as a reality show host), as well as the Nickelodeon original movie Shredderman Rules and he wrote and starred in an unaired pilot for FX called Whispers and Balls.

On June 2, 2008, Chikara, professional wrestling promotion based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, announced that Coulier was elected by the Chikara Board of Directors as the new commissioner of the company, a position that he held for two years until the next election (which took place on May 25, 2010).

Coulier is the successor to former Commissioner and fellow Full House cast member Bob Saget.

Coulier has done extensive voice work for shows including Extreme Ghostbusters, The Real Ghostbusters, and Slimer!

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